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Training and Education

disabled studentstraining

Education and Training is one of the most important aspects of a disabled person's life. It enables one to acquire the knowledge and skills to get employment, to build a career, and to develop one's potential in life. It also empowers disabled people to integrate with society and the economy and enjoy the products and services offered by society and the wider world. It is the basic foundation of one's life, empowering one to develop, grow and prosper.

The area of education and training is very wide ranging. We have divided it into sections below. Click on the section to view further information:

          1. Primary Education
          2. Secondary Education
          3. Third Level Education
          4. Vocational Training
          5. FAS, Rehab and the National Learning Network
          6. Training courses at the Galway Centre for Independent Living
          7. FAS E-College
          8. Disability Studies in Third Level Institutions. These courses study disability itself and the issues around it.
          9. Grants for Third Level education
          10. VEC grants
          11. Many Different types of Student Grants and Funding
          12. Mentoring service for disabled people
          13. National Council for Special Education
          14. Relevant Laws
          15. Your Views on Improving the System

NCPD is seeking representation or has got representation on FAS so as to represent and work for the interests of all disabled people on this body. In 2005, the Government passed the Disability Act and this established Sectoral Plans for various government departments. The Department of the Enterprise, Trade and Employment has a Sectoral Plan which aims to increase access to training for all disabled people. This government department is working closely with other government departments such the Department of Social Protection, the Department of Health and Children, and the Department of Education to improve access to training for all disabled people and also improve the quality of such training, bringing it up to best international standards. At national level, NCPD will continue the work of PWDI working with government ministers and senior civil servants to monitor and assess progress in the implementation of these sectoral plans.

Click on the following links to download the relevant Sectoral Plan. The Sectoral Plans below are in PDF file format. PDF files have been made more accessible to disabled people. Click on this sentence to view important information about PDF files and accessibility.

Sectoral Plan - Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment

Sectoral Plan - Department of Health and Children

Sectoral Plan - Department of Social Protection