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Welcome to the downloads section. We have a number of items which you can download. They include NCPD material, old PWDI material, RSS feeds for particular disabilities and research into them. Click on links below to go to relevant section.









NCPD Material

- NCPD Constitution


Old PWDI Material, now NCPD

- Mental Health Policy Proposal 2011

Summer 2010

Galway Motions for national PWDI AGM:
2010 national AGM
2009 national AGM
2008 national AGM
2007 national AGM
2006 national AGM
2004 national AGM

All Motions passed at PWDI national AGM
2010 national AGM
2009 national AGM
2008 national AGM
2007 national AGM
2006 national AGM
2005 national AGM
2003 national AGM

RSS feeds for particular Disabilities

What is RSS?

Short for "Really Simple Syndication," RSS is a news feed that consists of a list of continually updated disability news items with a link to the full report or story. These feeds are automatically updated as research news and other news items are added or modified, so you are instantly updated with new content. This is important for many disabled people who want to keep up to date with developments in their disability field. New therapies, new cures, new discoveries, new innovations and new ways of improving thelives of disabled people are constantly being discovered and utilised. We have RSS feeds for individual disabilities below.

Listing of RSS Feeds for Disabilities and Medical Conditions
Column 1

rss logo Acute and Chronic Pain

rss logo Aging Associated Diseases

rss logo Alzheimer's Disease

rss logo Dementia Information

rss logo Osteoporosis

rss logo Autoimmune Diseases

rss logo Arthritis

rss logo Lupus

rss logo Multiple Sclerosis

rss logo Osteoarthritis

rss logo Rheumatoid Arthritis

rss logo Cancer Information

rss logo Brain Cancer

rss logo Breast Cancer

rss logo Cancer Treatments

rss logo Colorectal Cancer

rss logo Hodgkin's Disease

rss logo Kidney Cancer

rss logo Leukemia

rss logo Liver Cancer

rss logo Lung Cancer

rss logo Mesothelioma Information

rss logo Ovarian Cancer

rss logo Pancreatic Cancer

rss logo Prostate Cancer

rss logo Skin Cancer

rss logo Stomach Cancer

rss logo Cardiovascular Diseases

rss logo Cholesterol

rss logo Hypertension

rss logo Dermatology Conditions

rss logo Fingernails Toenails

rss logo Hair and Scalp

rss logo Herpes Simplex Virus

rss logo Glaucoma

Column 2

rss logo Skin Diseases

rss logo Acne Treatments

rss logo Eczema Information

rss logo Varicose Veins

rss logo Diabetes

rss logo Digestive System

rss logo Crohn's Disease

rss logo GERD - Heatburn

rss logo Eating Disorders

rss logo Anorexia Nervosa

rss logo Bulimia Nervosa

rss logo Female Health Issues

rss logo Pregnancy Information

rss logo Fibromyalgia

rss logo Food Allergies - Food Intolerance

rss logo Hepatitus

rss logo Hernia Information

rss logo HIV and Aids

rss logo Influenza and Colds

rss logo Avian Bird Flu

rss logo Swine Flu

rss logo Male Health Issues

rss logo Erectile Dysfunction

rss logo MRSA Infections

rss logo Neurological Disorders

rss logo ADHD and ADD

rss logo Autism

rss logo Cerebral Palsy

rss logo Depression

rss logo Bipolar Disorder

rss logo Lyme Disease

rss logo Migraines and Headaches

rss logo Phobias and Fears

rss logo Sleep Disorders

rss logo Vision Disabilities

Column 3

rss logo Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

rss logo Insomnia

rss logo Narcolepsy

rss logo Restless Legs Syndrome

rss logo Sleep Apnea

rss logo Snoring Information

rss logo Stroke Information

rss logo Traumatic Brain Injury

rss logo The Human Brain

rss logo Oral Health

rss logo Psoriasis

rss logo Dental and Teeth

rss logo Orthopedics Bones and Joints

rss logo Strains and Sprains

rss logo Pediatric Health

rss logo Respiratory Disorders

rss logo Allergies

rss logo Asthma Information

rss logo Cystic Fibrosis

rss logo Pneumonia

rss logo Vertigo and Balance Disorders

rss logo Cognitive Disabilities

rss logo Dyslexia

rss logo Hearing Impairments

rss logo Sign Language

rss logo Tinnitus Information

rss logo Invisible Disabilities

rss logo Physical and Mobility

rss logo Parkinson's Disease

rss logo Muscular dystrophy

rss logo Psychological Disorders

rss logo Spinal Cord Injury

rss logo Back Pain and Sciatica

rss logo Spina Bifida




Government's Sectoral Plans for Disability

The Sectoral Plans below are in PDF file format. PDF files have been made more accessible to disabled people. Click on this sentence to view important information about PDF files and accessibility.

Sectoral Plan - Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources

Sectoral Plan - Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment

Sectoral Plan - Department of Health and Children 

Sectoral Plan - Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government 

Sectoral Plan - Department of Social Protection 

Sectoral Plan - Department of Transport 


The Laws which outline the rights of disabled people

Some of the files below are in PDF file format. PDF files have been made more accessible to disabled people. Click on this sentence to view important information about PDF files and accessibility.

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