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NCPD networks Collaboration

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Welcome to the NCPD networks section. NCPD's strength lies in it's networks throughout Ireland. This section will facilitate communications between networks and collaboration on projects of local, regional and national importance. The following links provide facilities for collaboration between networks:




Video and Audio Conferencing Facility

This section provides a video-conference between 6 people. There is audio and video involved, so you will need a webcam and a microphone. Just type in your name in the box below and click the button and the video conference starts.






Blog for NCPD networks

If you do not use frames, then click on this sentence to go to the web site which is mentioned in this frame.







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Voice, Video and Text Chat with Accessibility facilities

TeamTalk 4 Classic with Accessibility

TeamTalk is a free Voice, Video and Text program. It has become a popular tool among the visually impaired and blind around the world since it allows its users to meet and chat with other people in the TeamTalk community. The TeamTalk 4 distribution comes with a client application called "TeamTalk 4 Classic" which is designed to work well with screen-readers.

TeamTalk 4 Classic is working well with the following screen-readers:

Source: TeamTalk web site.

You can download TeamTalk by clicking here . When installing TeamTalk 4 choose the option called "TeamTalk 4 Classic Client for Accessibility" during installation. This will give you the Accessible version of TeamTalk.

After installation, click 'File', then choose 'Host Manager', then pick 'TeamTalk 4 Public Server' from the list of servers. Then click 'Channel' and then click 'Create a Channel'. Choose a name and set a password and adjust the other setting to your own preferences. Provide the password to other NCPD members and they can join in for Voice, Video and Text Chat. Many NCPD members from any part of Ireland or the world can join in for a Chat.

At the moment some software developers are developing dedicated NCPD Chat channels for each city, and each region of Ireland and for Ireland as a whole.

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Voice and Video Chat

You need to download Google Voice and Video Chat at the following link Google Voice and Video Chat

Then click here or on the following button to begin Voice and Video Chat Google Talk Button

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Collaboration and Communications software

Just click on the following links:

- Skype

- ooVoo

- Google Talk

- TeamViewer

- TeamTalk

- TeamSpeak

- Ventrilo

- mIRC

Instant Messaging

- Windows Live Messenger


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Best Practises for dealing with issues, running networks, working with public bodies, working with government officials, recruiting new members, recruiting special expertise and planning for conferences and seminars.




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