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volunteervolunteer with disabled person

Volunteering to help out people makes a big difference to their lives, to communities and to society in general. When this assistance respects the dignity, independence, views and freedom of the other person it helps build a better and more harmonious society for everybody. The world of the early 21st century with it's many problems and difficulties is one which could be improved upon by people volunteering to make life better for everybody, especially those who may be in need of assistance or experiencing hardships.Every person can play a part in creating a critical mass of volunteering which can transform communities and whole societies. Ultimately we hope to break down old historical and cultural prejudices / barriers between people, and facilitate respect, full equality, understanding, friendship and unity between people.

The Challenges faced by Disabled people and Disability Organisaitons

The following news report from RTE and other news sources on September 3rd, 4th and 5th 2012 shows the difficulties disabled people face now and in the future. And the need for organisations and people to work together and stand together to protect the interests and living standards and opportunities (for social and economic advancement) of disabled people. Click on links below to view video in frame below.

RTE news report - Disabled People Protesting outside Irish parliament, against cuts to Personal Assistants and Home Help, September 4th 2012 (Video 1)

Disabled People protesting outside Irish parliament against cuts September 2012 (Video 2)

Disabled People protesting outside Irish parliament against cuts September 2012 (Video 3)

Disabled People protesting outside Irish parliament against cuts September 2012 (Video 4)


Working Together for a Different World

One's community, country, economic region, world is capable of many possibilities and potentialities, many forms of economic, political and social organisation - negative or positive, constructive or destructive, uplifting and giving or parasitical and divisive. The human ability to progress, to move forward, to build better systems for the benefit of all (including disabled people) is unlimited and largely untapped, but it is up to all of us. People are not the slaves of dictators in their many forms, many supposedly "bankrupt countries" are not bankrupt, the world is not bankrupt but overflowing with abundance for all. There are ample resources, finance, credit, energy, land, property, skills, organisations etc. in place to enable every person to thrive, to flourish and achieve their potential in life. Volunteering and making changes and engaging with political processes and economic processes will help us all move towards this realisation. The following video made in the 20th century expresses this sentiment. Click here to view this video in the box below

Source: The Great Dictator, United Artists, 1940

We have a listing of disability organisations which need volunteers from time to time below:

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National Council for People with Disabilities


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Ability West


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Caring and Sharing Association


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COPE Foundation


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Daughters of Charity Service


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Brothers of Charity Services Galway


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Inclusion Ireland


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Moore Haven Centre


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St. Christopher’s Service


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Western Care