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Employment __ Supported Employment

Supported Employment

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Rehab operates the supported employment model, where people with disabilities work alongside workers without disabilities under equal conditions. This involves placement and employment in businesses and commercial and state organisations, which provide well paid jobs, job security, skills upgrading, a career path, and opportunities for advancement.


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Rehab is a leading non-governmental organisation which works towards a world where every person has the opportunity to achieve their potential. We work in local communities to provide high-quality services and opportunities to people who need them.

Over 3,600 Rehab staff provide health and social care, training and education, and rehabilitation, employment and commercial services in Ireland, England, Scotland, the Netherlands and Poland. These services enhance the quality of peoples lives, by supporting people in fulfilling personal goals, in accessing new opportunities and in playing a more active role in their communities. Rehab enables people to make the most of their skills and talents, to take up employment or further education and to live more independent lives.

Source: Rehab Enterprises website

Rehab Enterprises - Galway
Address: Parkmore Industrial Estate, Galway
Telephone: 091 705 660
Fax: 091 773 564

National Headquarters
Address: Rehab Group, Beach Road, Sandymount, Dublin 4.
Telephone: (01) 2057200 (head office switchboard)
Fax: (01) 2057211


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