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Employment _ Guidelines for Employer

Guidelines for Employer

disabled workerdisabled worker 2

People with disabilities can make a real contribution to your workplace if they are given a fair chance and appropriate support.
You should

To provide equality in the workplace and increase the employment opportunities for people with disabilities, employers should begin with the following steps:
Step 1.          Review and monitor the recruitment, training, retention and promotional procedures within your organisation.

Step 2.          Carry out a job analysis for vacant positions.

Step 3.          Consult your local FÁS office or the National Learning Network.

Step 4.          Encourage applications from people with disabilities

Step 5   Acknowledge all applications for the post

Step 6   Interviews

Step 7.          Include disability/ equality awareness training in the induction programme of your organisation. FÁS provide a Disability Awareness Training Grant to private sector employers to provide this training to management and employees.

Step 8           Regularly review adjustments made for employees with a disability and the training opportunities within your organisation.

Step 9           Ensure people with disabilities are given the same chance for promotional opportunities within your organisation.

Step 10         Retention:
By raising awareness of the supports and assistance available and encouraging staff to seek help if they acquire a disability, it will enable your organisation to retain those competent and trained staff who have acquired their disability during their working life.

Step 11         Attract new customers:
Publicising your organisation’s commitment to equal opportunities and the employment of people with disabilities will ensure you meet the needs of your diverse customer base and become a role model in business.

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